There are several features to creating a custom pool. We have highlighted a few of them to give you some ideas



Piazza Poolscapes Exclusive

Looking for something truly original to accent your decking? Add a flagstone mosaic! Piazza Poolscapes is the leading pool builder in Houston, creating a work of art in decking. You can choose from a Piazza Poolscapes mosaic such as a sunset, or work with us to create an original design for you. CLICK HERE to view more examples.

Waterfalls & Features

Piazza Poolscapes creates moss rock waterfalls into a work of art. You can have either a pile of rocks or a masterful natural liquid landscape. This is not a craft that can be accomplished by just anyone. Before we start the construction of the waterfall, we seal the gunite shell to prevent water from seeping through the rock. This includes the waterfall pad and rock in the tile line. We do not use or recommend palet rock because of its small size.

We hand pick the very largest and most beautiful moss rocks. Using a variety of sizes and shapes in the waterfall gives the poolscape a very natural appearance. Creating smaller falls on the beam along with the main waterfall gives a feeling being surrounded by water. When finished, you will have a sculpted waterfall with character and natural beauty.

Flagstone Mosaics

Fire Features

Spa Spillways